Filmography: Susan Blakely


Hate Crime (2005) (R)Release Date: January 14, 2005
Cast: Seth Peterson, Chad Donella, Bruce Davison, Giancarlo Esposito, Cindy Pickett
Director: Tommy Stovall
Writer: Tommy Stovall


L.A. Twister (NR)Release Date: August 13, 2004
Cast: Zack Ward, Tony Daly, Jennifer Aspen, Wendy Worthington, Susan Blakely
Director: Sven Pape
Writer: Geoffrey Saville-Read


Over the Top (NR)Release Date: February 12, 1987
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Robert Loggia, Susan Blakely, Rick Zumwalt, David Mendenhall
Director: Menahem Golan
Writer: Gary Conway, David Engelbach


Capone (1975) (R)Release Date: April 16, 1975
Cast: Ben Gazzara, Harry Guardino, Susan Blakely, Sylvester Stallone, John Cassavetes
Director: Steve Carver
Writer: Howard Browne

Report to the Commissioner (PG)Release Date: January 1, 1975
Cast: Michael Moriarty, Susan Blakely, Yaphet Kotto, Hector Elizondo, Tony King
Director: Milton Katselas
Writer: Abby Mann


The Towering Inferno (PG)Release Date: December 10, 1974
Cast: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire
Director: John Guillermin, Irwin Allen
Writer: Stirling Silliphant, Richard Martin Stern, Thomas N Scortia, Frank M. Robinson


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (G)Cast: Christine Lakin, Madison Pettis, Zachary Gordon, Jon Huertas, Elaine Hendrix
Director: Alex Zamm
Writer: Dannah Feinglass, Danielle Schneider

The Concorde... Airport '79 ()Cast: Alain Delon, Susan Blakely, Robert Wagner
Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Arthur Hailey

Displacement ()Cast: Sarah Douglas, Christopher Backus, Susan Blakely, Courtney Hope, Karan Oberoi
Director: Kenneth Mader
Writer: Kenneth Mader

The Lord's Of Flatbrush (NR)Cast: Perry King, Sylvester Stallone, Henry Winkler, Paul Mace, Susan Blakely
Director: Martin Davidson, Stephen Verona
Writer: Stephen Verona, Gayle Gleckler, Martin Davidson, Sylvester Stallone

Savages (1972) (NR)Cast: Lewis J. Stadlen, Anne Francine, Thayer David, Susan Blakely, Russ Thacker
Director: James Ivory
Writer: George W.S. Trow